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Avoid scams and keep your money in your pocket. Coach Carmen Consultant in San Gabriel CA empowers adults to learn how to prevent fraud in healthcare, insurance, and more. Learn what not to do with your money investment and different types of fraud like funeral and charity frauds.

Seniors Scams

  • Senior Scams
  • State Scams
  • Lottery Scams
  • Federal Scams
  • International Scams
  • City Scams
  • Domestic Scams

Empowering Seniors

Tips to Prevent Fraud

General Tips to Prevent Fraud
  • Never give out personal information to anyone on the phone, mail, or internet.
  • Never respond to an offer that you do not understand.
  • Ask for it in writing and pay only when you have received a performed service.
  • Do not toss credit card receipts or statements in the trash. Whole-shred it first. Close unused credit card or bank accounts.

Healthcare & Health Insurance Fraud
  • Do not sign blank insurance forms or give blanket authorizations.
  • Do not do business with telephone or door-to-door salespeople.
  • Do not give your Medicare or health insurance to just anybody.
  • Check with your doctor if a prescription bottle looks suspicious or has adverse side effects.

Investment & Reverse Mortgage Scams
  • Do not respond to unsolicited requests.
  • Do not sign any documents from unsolicited persons.
  • Be wary of anybody offering a free deal.

Funeral & Cemetary Fraud
  • Don't let the salespeople pressure you into immediate purchases.
  • Understand contract terms, basic fees, and extra services.

Telemarketing Fraud
  • Hang up if you hear "You have won some money, why haven't you collected it yet?"
  • Do not answer unknown numbers
  • Don't buy from unknown companies
  • Do not send money to anyone for anything whatsoever especially money for anything to be released to you... IT'S A LIE!

Charity Scams

  • Do not disclose any personal financial information.
  • Check and see that the charity is registered with the state. Qualified charities will not ask for all this information.